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  • The Iowa Soybean Association pilot field associated with the SIRAC project has installed a suite of instruments to keep track of the health of the fields. These include the METOS iScout insect camera and the NBIoT Clima device. The iScout camera captures and analyzes insects, using image recognition to identify the captured insects, to track insect presence in a field. The Clima device uses in ground sensors to record soil moisture levels.

  • Dr. Sajal Das, PI on the SIRAC team, among others, publish research paper regarding maximizing the useful data collected by UAV based sensors. The paper was published in the 19th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications. March 2021. The abstract can be seen below.

  • NSF Funds Grant for the SIRAC Project

    The National Science Foundation has awarded our project on interconnection of Smart and Connected Farms, a grant for nearly $1.5 million. We will continue updating this website with more news as it comes in.

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