Smart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC)

Our Mission

SIRAC posterTo improve community-wide data sharing between farmers, our multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research team proposes the Smart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC), a novel socio-technical platform that will facilitate data sharing, knowledge exchange, and coordinated responses to production threats.

SIRAC Project Overview

Objectives of SIRAC

  • Develop and demonstrate a flexible, scalable, and efficient communication infrastructure for smart and connected farms.
  • Develop and demonstrate distributed spatiotemporal data analytics with privacy preservation to enable community-level decision-making.
  • Develop a SIRAC community of practice based on translational research to maximize farmer understanding of benefits, trust in the information source, and acceptance of the technology; and
  • Apply an economic simulation to demonstrate economic benefits for SIRAC adoption.

SIRAC Project Overview


National Science FoundationIowa Soybean Association

Iowa State UniversityMissouri S&T

University of KentuckyUniversity of Missouri